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1 Month Post Accutane



Within the first week of stopping Accutane, I developed 2-3 very tiny inflamed whiteheads. However, since then I have not developed any inflamed acne in the first month off Accutane. I have had some small, skin-colored bumps develop on my temples, forehead, and nose; some of these seem to be going away and some are still present (not sure if they are clogged pores or something else). When trying to research these skin-colored bumps, I found some information that they might be the result of my skin starting to produce more oil after stopping Accutane.


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Hey there. The whole reason I got on accutane was to treat those skin colored bumps. They are most likely closed comedones which are "clogged pores" and are a non inflammatory type of acne. I surely hope mine do not come back after accutane! They drive me insane!! Praying that yours go away soon. Start using a topical retinoid to help.

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My skin is clear. I use the following regimen daily:1,500mg of amoxicillin (an antibiotic), generic benzaclin gel applied twice(clindamycin phosphate 1% strength+5% strength benzoyl peroxide=benzaclin), 0.1% tretinoin cream applied once (a retinoid), and topical clindamycin lotion (a topical antibiotic) applied once and 25mg spironolactone (for hormonal acne/females only-sorry).

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