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Week Number 1



Being a girl about to turn 20 in a few weeks I am very excited to not only leave my teen years behind me but my acne too. I have done a lot of research about different products and treatments that claim to be the "miracle" we've all been searching for when it comes to clearing our skin. For starters let me tell you a little bit about my skin. In high school I suffered from mild acne and on top of that I had oily skin. I tried everything from facials to tons of different washes and treatments that just never did the trick. One day I was doing another long extensive research about different products when I stumbled on acne.org. I read some of the users stories and how they praised the regimen for clearing their skin. I was a little skeptical because I couldn't find one bad thing about the product besides a little dry skin! A few months pass and I find myself back on the acne.org site again ready to finally try their product. When I received the regimen in the mail I was very surprised to see how HUGE the bottle sizes are! I couldn't wait to start trying the product! I am now on my fourth day of the regimen and I am already seeing results! I stepped out of the shower this morning and I took a look at my skin and I noticed pretty much all of my black heads on my nose are gone! Like completely vanished! I didn't think it was possible so I waited a little while and went back to the mirror to see that they are still gone! My whole nose has been covered in black heads for YEARS with no success in removing any of them, and to be honest I wasn't planning of getting rid of them with this treatment. I felt that the black heads would go away with age and that there was no use in trying to get rid of them any more. I still can believe it took FOUR DAYS to see results like this! On the other hand though after four days I am finally experiencing that dry flaky skin others have talked about so I am planning on just reducing my uses to once a day now and see if that helps things. Well until next time, see ya!

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Let the skin flake off. you need to exfoliate.Also let benzoyl peroxide do it's magic. it dries out oily skin. use it as directed and only then will you see results.

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