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Starting Spironolactone



So I'm a 26 year old dealing with a 15 year old's skin problems. I have had bad skin for over 10 years and have always hated my skin. I have been on accutane twice in the last 4 years with excellent results. But short lived results.

I also have PCOS. Because of this I take the BCP Lo Estrin to control my hormones.

I have been off Accutane for the last year and a half and my skin was clear for about 6m and then started becoming really greasy and breaking out again. Over the last 7 months especially, I noticed a drastic change. I was overproducing oil excessively, with my hair getting greasy daily (normally I wash it every other day) and my skin was an oil slick. I also noticed my acne was gradually becoming cystic again as it was prior to accutane.

I was worried my PCOS was worsening and so I recently went to see a gynaecologist for the first time and she told me that Lo Estrin is usually sufficient in controlling androgen production. I brought up the idea of Spironolactone/ Aldactone and she was open to me trying it although she said it isn't great at oil control and acne, although I've read different on various blogs.

I have been on 25mg/d for the past week, am starting 50mg for the next week, then 75mg for the third week, and up to 100mg for 5w before I go see her again.

Obviously its hard to notice any potential changes in a span of a week, but I think that I have noticed a difference in the oil production in my skin. I had a really bad breakout a few weeks ago, and Im not sure if its that breakout clearing up, or the Spiro helping it clear up, but my skin is looking very slightly better.

I'll keep you guys posted as to how I do on 50mg for the next week. Has anyone else had success controlling oil/acne with PCOS?

Until next week..


I am on spiro too and I have noticed after a week or two that my oil production has decreased. The cracks of my nose, gulp, used to fill up with oil overnight and be all greasy in the morning. But since I started spiro 25mg (till next week), bone dry. Not a speck of oil around my nose. So I know it's working. Good luck! Keep us updated!

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Hey there, welcome to the Spiro journey. I am on Yasmin and Spiro to control PCOS and imbalance overall. Definitely read through the boards for experiences on Spiro. Some clear within 3 months, some 4-6+ months. I have been on 50mg since end of Dec. I am still fairly oily, some on the board are clear and still produce a normal amount of oil but no longer break out. Each person's experience can be a bit different, hormones are obviously very tricky. Just listen to your body. A slight caution to prepare that you may notice a breakout each time you increase your dose. Many have an initial breakout, I definitely did weeks 3-4 and am still clearing from the clogged pores that appeared. Have a good cleansing plan of attack and exfoliation and you may not experience one.

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Ya Im starting week 3 of bumping up to 75 mg tomorrow and I've noticed a change in the oil! I only need to blot (barely) once in the evenings!

I haven't noticed an initial breakout yet thank god! Did you notice one?

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