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High Acidity In Blood Cause Acne



So recently In my other blog I talked about how i was going to eat low gi foods as well avoiding caffeine, dairy, processed and oily foods.

I started eating low gi foods such as rye for breakfast and then barley for lunch as well as blueberries and chicken.

However my acne did not get better i was still getting more and more acne. After surfing this site,I found success stories on a link suggested by alternavista- might be the wrong the speelling. Alternavista- is such an amazing woman and her story is incredibly inspirational so if you feel really depressed from acne check out her story.

One of the success stories was by a man who went on alkaline diet. Acne can be caused by high acidic foods, suprisingly things like citrus fruits are recommends as they alkalise in the blood. However when it comes to SOME acne sufferers , citrus and nightshades should be avoided as they can spark inflammation in some- so if you' ve noticed getting acne after eating these then just dont eat them


Alkaline diet cuts out all grains and legumes. Foods such as rye, barley, wheat, rice, blueberries , meat are acidic in nature therefore consuming them causing acidic blood- acne. which explains why. This is explains why on the paleo diet some people cure their acne as the paleo cuts out all these. However I will be eating meat and fish which are only chicken and salmon for protein.

I will also be cutting out nightshades as this appears to be a trigger for me nightshade are eggplant/aubergine, tomato, peppers and potatoes - Not SWEET POTATOES. The purple skinned sweet potato known as the japanese sweet potato has a muc low gi than the normal sweet potato but they are difficult to find

Alkaline diet - Fruits should be eaten in moderation best ones to eat are : figs, avocadoes kiwi, limes, lemons, grapefruit. Try drinkin a lemon with water


You should eat ALL fruits and vegetables including what you excluded! All fruits and vegetables help your acne and health. Trust me, they do! Instead, you should try being vegan for 1 month. I think it will help. You know changing the diet doesn't necessarily help with acne right? You can eat whatever you want, but you should still consider trying being vegan. :) Try it! :)

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I stopped eating dairy but I love chicken too much sorry. But yeah thanks nightshades dont go well fo me which is why i' have stopped eating them as much - in moderation.

You are right in saying that we should eat all fruit and veg however acne can be triggered by an overly acidic diet hence in people with an overly acidic blood ph an alkaline diet would be beneficial. Balance is key but people with acne tend to have high acidity in their blood so they should avoid high acidity foods

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I cant really be vegan cuz i am basically allergic to wheat and i avoid eating diary , nightshades to help acne. Being vegan, I would havent much to eat. Oh, and i love chicken and lamb rolls and prawns. Sorry

Anyway thanks what im saying to summarise iss more alkaline foods would help acne sufferrers.

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Yeah, alkaline foods would surely help with acne, i agree! :)

But!!But, I used to LOVE meat just like you guys did. I stopped eating it for like 2 months and now it's not hard at all to eat meat. You should try it! It will be better for your health and you'll feel good.:)

..Just saying :)

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Yeah true dont worry though im like vegan twice a week for religious purposes. I actually was a vegetarian for a month but going on a paleo alkaline diet- the food has no flavour the nightshades are the ones that add taste but they appear to be contributing to acne hence why i m adding in the meat.

Vegan is better i agree it doesnt have any of the extra hormones they add into milk meat fish. But for taste purposes i need the meat i mean i tried eating raw spinach today and had to throw the whole thing out- that was how bad it was.

I might look for some alkalisin spices to throw in if you know any amazing tasting veg that take away the blandness i would be really greatful

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If you're gonna eat meat eat only organic/free range antibiotic and hormone free. Hormones in conventional meat can cause acne just as steroids do. I have been on a zillion diets and none of them affect my acne. Only my rx medications have helped me. PEACE!

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Diet doesnt affect everyones acne i had clear skin before and would eat junk problem is now my progesterone levels are too low to maintain my blood sugar and get rid of the androgen - testosterone hence why i m eating a low blood sugar, alkalising diet. This reduces the level of androgens present.

Organic meat is better but do you know what really frustrates me is how we have to pay extra to eat healthily i mean i can buy a swiss roll for 25 p but i cant even buy one apple not even a lemon with that price.. Likewise organic chicken is £6 while hormone loaded problematic one is half. I am only 16 and i dont have time for a job right now and my parents aren't going to spend extra on one person. Ahh sigh life is disappointing.

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