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Day 30 Accutane / Clavaris



I'm glad im on day 30, I'll say that..I remember counting down the days to get on this pill felt like forever and time definitely feels like it starting to move faster now, not to fast though. I'm not one of those people that immediately cleared right up(i wish), I'm having my share of breakouts so far but at the same time It hasn't been as bad as ive seen through my tane research. Here is a breakdown so far of my experience. I went into the medication with 8 cysts, I would average 4-8 cycts at any given time and I would consider my acne consistent moderate after having it for 5+ years straight, sometimes mild up to severe but mainly moderate 4-8. First 7 days were a joy for me, the first couple days nothing really happened..no side effects no new acne, days 4, 5, 6 and 7 my 8 active cysts shriveled fast and flattened. By day 8 I pretty much looked clear, I felt awesome. With that came a pink tone to my face which actually helped cover some pigmentation but it did itch which sucked, dry skin(not to bad) and very dry lips( I didnt care tho ). I also had like 5 hairs on my pillow each morning that was scary. Days 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 I broke out alot with white heads pimples and cysts, all kinds of acne. During that time I stopped losing hair and my pink tone kind of went back to normal but my lips stayed dry. Days 15-22 I got know new acne so by days 22, 23, 24 I was pretty much clear again. My hair stopped falling out and my side effects were minimal. My Initial breakout was over! So I thought -_- After a few days of being pretty clear I got a huuuuge painful cyct right in the middle of my cheek. Along with that came about 5-6 other cysts not as big. That happened day 24, 25, 26 and I'm still getting over those right now. I also got two smaller ones yesterday to add along for the ride. So Im definitely going through it head first. I think if I took this at age 21 (im 25 now) my initial break out would of been more wild but ive had acne for so many years that perhaps my biggest storms have already ended and flushed though. I hope my next post is for the better and not the worse, its so unpredictable, even more than usual.


I start accutane next month. I'm really nervous about the initial breakout, looks like your through the worse of it!!

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I start accutane next month. I'm really nervous about the initial breakout, looks like your through the worse of it!!

fingers crossed, but either way tane gives you alot more hope than then topical, antibiotics and diets that never worked...thats what got me through it so far, the side effects are nothin compared to how terrible acne is so whatever it ttakkes! good luckk on your journey

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