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Day...i Lost Count



Well I am pretty clear...I've been trying not to wear makeup while I'm at home on spring break. I did a mask today so I'm hoping that helps my enlarged pores. The nodule on my chin that I had about 3 weeks ago left a mark that isn't fading. It's gonna take awhile. In the meantime, I have a few clogged pores near the same vicinity that will not go away. So basically, my chin is the problem area. My forehead and nose are clear as are my cheeks with the exception of a few clogged pores that are only noticeable when the skin is stretched out. I suppose I should be happy and I am...but I've been feeling really down lately, which is making me psychoanalyze and over-think about my skin. Over break I have been watching a lot of television and I can't help but notice and be jealous of all the women with perfect skin. Even without breakouts and a face full of acne, I never think I'll be able to reach their level of perfection. I'll always have a somewhat uneven skintone. All my family and friends think I'm crazy. They don't see what I see, but then again they aren't stretching out my skin and looking at it under a magnifying mirror. If I have a miniscule red spot, I notice it, but no one else does and it really bugs me. Maybe it's all in my head.


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