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Background Story

AnonyAcne Babe


I have struggled with acne since I was in middle school. I am now 20 years old and still struggling. In middle school I had moderate acne, where it was quite a few blemishes, but the skin that didn't have acne still looked healthy and nice. I tried so many products -- too many products -- as we all have, but nothing seemed to do the trick. My doctor prescribed clindamycin phosphate which did help to control it a bit so in high school I had less bumps.

Then, right out of high school, my dermatologist prescribed Retin-A for me. WORST MISTAKE EVER. My initial breakout was unreal. But I read the reviews on it on this site religiously and everyone was saying to just wait it out, wait it out. So, I waited it out. For 7-8 months, and the miracle never came. I eventually had to stop taking it because it was continuously purging my skin and causing so many active breakouts. My acne had become severe, and my entire skin was now unhealthy looking in texture and color. Once I stopped applying the cream, my skin started the long process of recovery. And I guess you could say I'm fully recovered from that bout with acne, but now I am still struggling with the normal amount of bumps that I've always gotten and the hyper pigmentation that I was left with. My skin does not have a nice tone to it anymore.

My issue now is not so much with the actual big pus-filled pimples (although there is a few of those), but it is more about the overall texture and of course the red scars. My biggest struggle is with these little clogged pores that seem to be under the skin, but yet still show up in certain lightings (natural lighting is the absolute worst) and my makeup just seems to accentuate them, yet I can't go without make up because of the scars. The clogged pores are focused around my lower, inner cheeks and my jawline and as of late, my forehead too. I will make a separate post about the clogged pores!

Thanks for reading- I have a few big plans for finally being "proactive" (not the product) about healing my acne and I look forward to sharing my progress with my fellow sufferers.


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