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A New Start

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Resting My Skin



So my skin is looking a feeling just a little better. A lot of the irritation is gone. My chin, the corners of my mouth and nose, and tiny patches near my eyes are dry and peeling and flaking but all the bumps I had are flattening out. I did get two pimples since I stopped using anything topical but they're actually not that big.

My forehead and nose are a little shiny right now. So I think after all these years I may have developed combination skin... Or maybe my chin and those patches just take a longer time to get rid of irritation.

My chin looks horrible now btw from the nasty breakouts. It's covered in bumps and purple marks...apart from the peeling :( from a distance it looks like I had a beard.. Shaved it.. And it's starting to grow back.

I got spironolactone 50mg from my gynae. They were free. I'm gonna start them on Friday since i have a long weekend and I don't need any possible side effects now during the week they'll be better over the few days when I'm locked in my house.

I'm not gonna take anymore antibiotics. It's clear they no longer work for me. Gonna eat yoghurt for the rest of the week and see if my tummy feels any healthier. The last time I used antibiotics it was awful on my stomach too... But it was working on my skin so I just accepted it.


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