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Day 44 On The Regimen(1 Month & 13 Days)



Hey Yo' lovely faces! How is everyone? I am doing GRRRREAT so far. Can you believe it's been 44 days already!?!? 44? Yeah, 44. Exactly 1 month and 13 days. The regimen is doing pretty great stuff i should say. Ok, where should i start?!? lol

So, many of you know that i break out on my forehead A LOT, and my chin most of the time. Yeah? - Mhm.

Now, i don't! well at least on the forehead. My chin is still stubborn to let it go, but my forehead FINALLY stopped breaking out. It has scars, but it doesn't have active pimples. I'm sooo happy.

My scars WILL fade!! You know how? >>> Salt water<< At the oceann, during the summer!!

Anyway, my forehead feels smooth and soft. I finally stopped the flakiness. How? By steaming my face with this Ukrainian medicine(череды трава) and a mask. I do this method whenever i feel like it( if i'm not lazy), or when my face feels really really dry. Most likely once a week.

I'm still breaking out but that's a result of eating dairy and honey, plus chocolate. Haha, i can't have any of those, but i let myself off the hook for a couple of days. But starting today, none of that.

No make-up! except eye-liner, and mascara(that doesn't really count as make-up though) I use it once a week. Like cereal.

it's my way of saying "seriously")

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot to tell you!!! I've incorporated the alpha Hydroxy acid(AHA+) on the 26 of Feb. and it's been KINDA, slightly helping with the flakiness as well. I use it like 2wice a week at night. I'm too lazy to put it on sometimes, and sometimes i can't. while I wait for the BP to dry, it's like 11:42 pm, then i lay down on my bed and fall asleep. And this happens every time. Whatever! twice a week is fine too!

Um, about the YouTube thing. I can't promise because i might not be able to do the video's like to told everyone i would. I still MIGHT do the video, but because i'm busy with school and all it might take like 1 week. So, if you're still waiting for that video. Then sorry to disappoint you, but it's not going to be up by like next week. Or this week. I don't know.

Anyway, i will be updating still so anticipate on my future blogs and i wish everyone a clear face! No acne, no scars!! Make it happen guys! I wish you the best Stay safe and God Bless


Haha, no! It say's in the directions to only use it 3x a week. If i do it every day, i can probably burn my skin because AHA+ increases skin sensibility to the sun and it's spring! Running season!! So, 2-3 times a week is PERFECT!! :) :) :)

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