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First Week Tretinoin ( Like Retin-A) + Benzoyl Peroxide 5%

This week I started to use Tretinoina Same 0.05% (like retin-a) and benzoyl peroxide 5%. For the moment I'm happy for this regimen, it's not too irritant (I had only dry skin for the first 3 days) and I have few breakouts (as ever).

This cream is better than Isotrex (topical isotretinoin 0.05%) that was too irritant for me. Benzolait 5 (Benzoyl peroxide 5%) is the same that benzolait 10 (bp 10%) .. maybe it's less irritant.

As cleanser I use Benzolait 1 (Benzoyl peroxide 1% mousse).

As moistruizer I use Bioderma's Sebium Hydra.

The situation basically is the same (a lot of red marks with some occasional pimples)

See u next week! thank u


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