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Accutane Day 1!



I finally had a follow up derm appointment and picked up my Accutane (I got Myorisan). He's starting me at 40 mg once a day. Obviously, so far no side effects. I usually drink 3 litres of water daily as well as about 6 cups of various decaffeinated teas, but I'm stepping my water game up even more while on this medication! :)

I'm currently using Cetaphil face wash, CeraVe cream in the morning and Egyptian Magic at night, Carmex and Aquaphor for my lips, and straight coconut oil for my hair and body. I have a big old list of products Accutane patients have recommended on here, but I think I'm going to wait a little while before I go and spend $100 at Target :D

A little about me- I'm currently 16 (17 in two weeks), have tried everything from drugstore face washes to Proactiv to countless prescriptions, and this is my first round of Accutane. Fingers crossed! blogentry-381345-0-09831500-1394161661.jblogentry-381345-0-22970200-1394161679.jblogentry-381345-0-15682200-1394161694.jblogentry-381345-0-38088500-1394161733.j


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