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Long Process But Finally Starting Accutane

Hey guys my name is Nicole. I am 19 years old and I decided to start a blog to keep track of my progress and talk to others who are going through or have gone through the same experience as me.

Some background on my skin:

Ever since I can recall I have always been the friend with acne. I believe it started popping up in 7th grade but all through middle school til about 9th grade it was always annoying yet manageable. Still, I felt as though I was the only one out of my friends who had pimples on their face. It was frustrating but it never held me back. From 10th to 12th grade I noticed it started getting worse little by little, still it was manageable, nothing a little makeup couldn't hide, although I have always had terribly oily skin -___- . After i graduated high school that is when all hell started breaking loose. First semester of college: not so bad just annoying and embarrassing, very oily. Second semester: getting worse, at this point I started becoming more and more anxious and timid in class. Summer 2013: It started just getting worse and worse. Lots of blackheads, uneven skin tone, a million bumps under the skin and about once a month I would get two awful cystics at a time. I know this doesn't sound as horrible as others but believe me it inhibits me from doing so many things. I can barely go out with my boyfriend during the day because I know the daylight is on my face just showing everything. At this point I was begging my dermatologist and luckily he agreed I was a candidate and let me sign up on iPledge and gave me the blood work to complete.

This is when things took a turn for the worse.

-I went to get my blood test and everything came back good except my blood platelet count.

I have ITP which is a blood disorder which causes my blood platelets to be lower than average. (blood platelets are the things that ban together and stop you from bleeding.) A normal platelet count is 150,000-350,000. Mine was 36,000. Obviously not good. This caused me to not be able to start accutane and sent me on at 6 month roller coster of hematology doctor visits and weekly blood tests. It was horrible and I was very depressed. Since going to these doctors visits my platelets dropped lower and lower thus forcing me to go on a steroid treatment, and unfortunately one of the side effects of steroids is acne.

The steroids caused my skin to break out the worst it ever has in my life. Tons of cystics and steroid induced rosacea and just everything was bad. My face was red and swollen and blotchy. I was so depressed, all i could do was cry. I even refused to see my boyfriend for a week. (he has PERFECT skin). Luckily after my steroid treatment my skin calmed down and i went on antibiotics (ampicillin 500 mg twice a day) but still I am breaking out and after waiting 6 months and doing treatments including steroids, IVIG, and n-plate shots for my platelets they are finally stable and I am approved for accutane and not waiting another second!!!!!

i actually started on March 3rd, 2014 so tomorrow will be my 5th day!

I am starting on Claravis 40 mg once a day paired up with the antibiotic Ampicillin 500 mg twice a day.

so far i don't have any side effects besides being sleepy, itchy and my hands are starting to get dry.

right now my skin care routine is -

washing with cetaphil and neutrogina naturals acne cream cleanser (will probably stop the neutrogina once my face dries up)

aczone gel

cerave lotion

500 mg ampicillin twice daily

40 mg Claravis once daily

I am hoping my accutane experience is positive !!!! i have spent countless hours researching anything and everything about it.

Thanks for reading !!!

also a question,

Anyone who was in a relationship on accutane, was it hard to be intimate with such dry skin and lips?

thanks all!! Nicole


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