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My First Month On The Regimen



Well, time definitely flies. It's been one month since I've started the Regimen, but it only feels like I've been using it for a week. In the beginning, I saw my acne clear up fairly quickly, but developed a bad dryness problem. That dryness led to some embarrassing flakiness, but by using some new products like jojoba oil and AHA, the dryness has significantly decreased, and I have virtually no flakes. At this point, my skin is pretty clear, but I still have some work to do. My goal is to get rid of the acne scars on my cheeks, which are slowly fading, but nowhere near where I want them to be. I hope that with continued use of the Regimen, I'll get the results I hoped for before I started.

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I think that tretinoin helps with scars and discolorations. That is my strictly non-scientific observation based on my own experience. No clinical trials were performed. With my own skin, the tretinoin that I use daily helps dissolve smaller whiteheads and helps slough off discolored dead skin cells keeping my pores clean. I also use benzoyl peroxide and I think that bp is in integral part of any good regimen. In that sense the "Regimen" is a good thing. Although I am huge proponent of antibiotics since they transformed my face completely. I went from cysts and whiteheads the size of peas (huge in face zone) to smooth sailing. I love washing my face because all the bumpiness is over. My skin is sooo smooth.

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