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Day 1 - The First Step In Liberating My Life [Pictures]



Day 1 - March 4, 2012

Today I will beginning my experiemtant that will be expanded over the course of the next six months. Previous posts have detailed and outlined my experiences, procedures, and now new routine.

So... today went well, I lifted weights this morning at 5:30 AM and I worked up a very good sweat, I felt good all day. Working out has a positive impact on my positivity and confidence.

This morning, I washed my face with COLD WATER ONLY after excersing and before school. I did not use any chemicals at all and so far no difference can be noted. My face seems normal in regards to dryness and oilyness.

I have touched my face quite a few times, probabaly more than I should. I think it helped put my down when I was talking to some of my clear-faced friends. I just hate my self image sometimes, acne really does suck.

I had broken out all over my jaw line on the left side of my face in particular, as well as around my mouth and on my upper checks. My forehead remains clear and the acne on my neck is still in remission and fading. I used to get terrible cysts here, but most have been reduced. For some reason, my acne persists consistantly greater on the left side of my face. Could there be an explanation for this? Perhaps sleep patterns?

My diet was alright today, I ate mostly vegtables, but I did have a handful of products containing wheat and suger. I've noticed after eating sugar, my acne feels more agrivated. I continued with my supplements and dropped all products containing dairy.

Here are some Pictures of my face and back as of right now, they will be updated weekly. (Sorry for any "grossness", I know I hate the way my face looks too, life is never fair.)

Hope to get to bed realtively early tonight, but we shall see. I will keep you guys posted, I look forward to sharing my routine in hopes of finding the cure.



Try my Doctor's Regimen Dr. Alexia Knapp, M.D. board certified dermatology.(Minnesota)<-----

1. Wash face with mild non-bacterial soap.

2. Use clindamycin+benzoyl peroxide gel aka benzaclin twice a day.

3.Take 500mg of amoxicillin three times per day, to start.

4. Use tretinoin mixed, by you in your palm, n with topical clindamycin lotion twice per day in 4-hour intervals.

Never pop a pimple, clean pillow cases each night. Just get in the habit of washing your bedding daily and buy several pillow cases so you will always have access to a clean pillow as you rest.

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