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A New Start

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A Week Of Rest



Everyday since I was 11 or 12 I've used some topical treatment for my acne. I've had about 6 months of clear skin. I've had years of irritation and tears and many 'initial breakouts.'

For the next week or two I will just use topical things to get rid of the irritation I have right now. I'm using dove pink bar, neutrogena oil free moisturizer for oily skin and neutrogena clear face sunscreen. I didn't chose those for any particular reason other than I already have them and my skin feels like it's over sun burnt so I'll be giving it lots of moisture.

I'm still not eating sugar or dairy. I'm taking my vitamins my birth control AND my extra nauseating antibiotics.


What antibiotic are you on? Minocycline is notorious for it's nauseating properties. I hope it's not minocycline. amoxicillin and cephalexin can be taken in much larger doses with zero side effects. I never get nauseous or irritated in my tubing. lol Good luck!

I am still taking antibiotics, spironolactone and I want to start birth control but my blood pressure has been too high. Peace!

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I'm on doxycycline 100mg How long have you been on spiro, and how much are you taking? Maybe if your dose isn't already high then they can increase it to treat you blood pressure.

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