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The Six Month Plan



So it begins...

Great achievements in life usually begin with a plan. Getting rid of my acne has sort of turned into a hobby; in fact I've started to enjoy researching and learning about eating right and differnt ways of clearing my acne. I have even day dreamed about it. I have thougt up a plan that will occur over the expanse of the next six months. This is plan relies heavily on diet and will be accompanied by very hollistic and "clean" methods".

For those interested, I have decided against using accutane, oral medication, and harsh chemicals on my body.

The reason for creating a blog is to RECORD and TRACK my progress using holistic methods so I may better identify the SOURCE of my acne. Considering this, I will be elinimating different foods from my diet. My plan will be laid out month by month and will consist of daily posts.

Month #1 - March

Summary: This month will be dedicated to the elimination of dairy. Results will be photographed weekly I will be recording any changes daily. All treatments and cleansing on my face will be very basic, modeling the "caveman regimen".

Detailed Procedure:
  1. ALL dairy for the whole month of March will eliminated. This includes yogurt and probiotic drinks (Kefir).
  2. I will be washing my face twice a day with cold water for a minute in the morning and evening.
  3. I will be striving to get between 7-8 hourse of sleep a night. A strict sleep pattern will be attempted from 5:00 AM to 9:30 PM.
  4. I will excersive every day for an Hour. I must work up a heavy sweat each excerise (may help with toxin release).
  5. All other elements in my diet will remain constant. My normal diet for the month will be normal (without dairy), consisting of frulit, vegtables, some processed foods, some sweets here and there, red meat, fish, and any other food that is eaten on a regular basis.
  6. I will not drink anything except water and green tea, of the water I will strive to drink a gallon a day (I live in a high altitude region).
  7. During this month I will not use ANY products on my face except water.
  8. I will shave every two days. --> Not sure if there is any corelation to acne.
  9. Pillow case will be changed bi-daily.
  10. I will be taking the following supplements and other ingredients daily:
  • Three Multi-vitamins
  • Two Capsuls of Fish Oil
  • One Table spoon of Coconut oil
  • One Table spoon of Apple CIder Vinegar in the morning
  • One cup of green tea after breakfast

Month #2 - April

Summary: This month will have many of the same elements as the previous month, with the exception of eliminating all sugars the consumption of fruit will be monitored carefully and will not exceed two pieces a day.


Thanks for reading as always.

If you've got questions or any information that I could use along my path to clear skin please let me know. I would love to hear other methods or dietary elements that I could add or eliminate. This goes without saying for applications directly on my skin as well.


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