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Day 42 :'(

Today, I have 12 active cysts on my face.

I would not be nearly as upset if my face hadn't seemed to be getting better at the beginning of Spironolactone. There was some time in there where my skin was looking damn good. It was smooth and so close to being cyst free......and I had so much more confidence.

Initial breakout was expected. Random one-and-a-half-month-into-treatment breakout I did not see coming.


Gonna go put some ice on my jawline and hope for a major turn-around here soon.


Hi there honey! I just want to reach out to you and say to hang in there as much as you can. Things definitely got worse for me before they even showed a sign of getting better. You are doing the best you can in the way of treating it. You are on an antibiotic, you are on Spiro and you are here. Is there anything you might be able to change with diet or supplements that might help with inflammation and healing? I don't know what you might already be taking, but perhaps something natural like turmeric or other antiinflammatories. Doxy def helped with inflammation, but is taking it's sweet [email protected]@ time. I'm 9 weeks Spiro 50 mg, and about 37 days of Doxy 200. Not out of the woods but seeing the light shining through. Today was a rough day for me, was in tears most of the morning. But if I can send someone else some strenth today, I'd rather do that then feel sorry for myself right now. Sending you positive thoughts and lots of love to get through this rough time!

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To both of you, try amoxil, it works better than doxy. I know, I was on doxy for 8 months and it did not help much. After 4 weeks on amoxil my skin was bone clear! Peace!

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@CarpeMomentum: Thank you, that was just the kind of inspiration I needed. It's SO frustrating, but I'm trying to keep my hopes up. I'm already taking Omega vitamins and drinking a lot of water and I think that's helping......who knows. :P I hope your skin continues to get better and better!!!

@Amoxilworx: Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm allergic to penicillin. :(

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We made it through one more day! That's the best we can do right now is day by day. I can't wait until we can both say we are happy to put this journey behind us.

Out of difficulties grow miracles wink.png

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