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Treatments (Failures & Successes)



This list contains everything I have done in the past to combat my acne and its actual effectiveness. I encourage anyone looking for answers to use this list to their disposal and perhaps compare it with personal storeis of success and failure in order to form the best routine and treatment plan.

Generic Face wash designed for Oily Skin

  • I used this method for about 2 months and to no avail.
  • Skin became very dry and required frequent moistureization.
  • DID NOT HELP ACNE. ---> Made worse

    Acne Treatment systems (using Benzoil Peroxide)
    • These systems included the following: Clear Skin Max and Exposed Skin care.
    • Acne.org BP made acne slightly better, but it was harsh and required so much to make a difference.
    • Used for about a month each.
    • Skin became dry and irritated.
    • Very dependent on using moisturizer.
    • Expensive
    • DID NOT HELP ACNE. ---> Made worse

      Topical Creams
      • Made skin oily and "shinny".
      • Did virtually nothing to skin.

        • This treatment was the most effective facial treatment I've used on my face.
        • Face became smoother and redness was reduced.
        • Total amount of breakouts was reduced by 40-50%.
        • Only used this for about two moths however.

          Chemical Peels

          • Extremely effective for my skin.
          • Had small breakouts after my skin began to peel, but after the peel skin was "glowing" and my cystic acne was very reduced. Acne on my forehead and checks virtually disapeared.
          • Helped with scars.
          • Reduced redness and hyperpigmentation.
          • Only cons are peeling of skin up to a week after treatment.

          Diet changes

          [*]Hard to stick to diet and it requires extreme dedication.

          [*]Diet restrictions and eating healthy resulted in more energy, fat loss, easier to gain muscle tone, etc.

          [*]Inflamation was reduced.

          [*]Quitting dairy helped reduce pore size.

          [*]Porbabaly the sinlge most effective thing I've done.

          [*]Been eating healthy off and on for 6 months until recently.

          [*]VERY EFFECTIVE.

          Other treatments

          [*]Using natural oils on my face helped skin in very miniscule ways. Too little time dedicated to make conclusions however.

          [*]Apple CIder Vinegar applied topicaly resulted in no visible results.

          [*]Clay masks and other masks helped complexion some.

          Current treatments

          [*]I have been washing my face with a honey and milk based cleanser twice a day. Following this I am using a clareisonic brush to wash my face (I'm not actually using my hands). This is then washed off with a washcloth very carefully.

          [*]I am using honey masks every once in a while.

          [*]About three nights a week I am using a 15% glyotoner acid on my face.

          [*]Results are consistant and have been improving my skin.

          [*]The biggest facter I've noticed is the food I eat.

          This list will be updated throughout my experiment.


Love the detail in this man, even learned a few things, will try the honey thing but I do have one question, do you wear the honey as a mask? And if so for how long? My skins pretty much done breaking out but i'm looking for a way for it to look healthier now. Anyways thanks for the info hope everythings works out for you.

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Amoxilworx - I have been to a dermatologist and all they recomended was treatment from accutane. I have done plenty of research regarding accutane and I am skeptical about the side affects. I would honestly rather find hollistic methods that will take longer BUT will not put my body at risk and impede any physical goals. I am sure it is very effective, but the purpose of this blog is to take a hollistic approach and to find the root of my acne. I am seeing a skin professional currently which I am getting chemical peels done monthly.

Tristen - Honey is great at improving skin tone! I love using it it makes you skin feel really smooth. Honey contains anti-bacterial properties which will help to eliminate acne causing bacteria. I usually apply honey as a mask and leave it on for an hour or so. If you have scars you can apply it to the scar and leave it on all night (this, as you can imagine, is a tad bit messy). If you are really serious about, it is important to use natural, raw, and unfiltered honey. If it is convinient to do so, buy from local bee keepers as it will be the most beneficial. If you are looking for something even stronger and better you can look up Manuka Honey on Amazon. This variety of honey comes from New Zealand's Bees. The honey is derived from Tea Trees and is very beneficial if applied to the skin. It is also known as medical grade honey for its healing properties.

Let me know how it goes! Remember everyone's skin is different so take heed, but it shouldn't cause any breakouts.

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