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A Bit Desperate

Mayra Sori


Well its going to be about a week on the regimen, ive seen little results. I still get a break out here and there. But im extremely dry and flaky. Too dry it hurts even when i yawn. (Ouch!) Any advise?

Also i some pimples are white like ready to pop, should i pop them or just leave it?

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I would not pop them. Let them heal on their own, unless they don't seem to be healing, in that case I think draining out the puss from the infected pore may speed the healing process. In general "popping" a pimple can rupture the wall of the pore and increase the radius of infected tissue to include more pores. On the other hand, if there is a large whitehead, lightly puncturing the surface or lancing the boil and gently wiping away the debris may actually be helpful. But use sterile instruments and a clean wash cloth or face towelette. Also, don't forget to focus on prevention when it comes to pimples. I use: Benzaclin, tretinoin and amoxicillin and cephalexin interchangeably. Good luck! An antibiotic can be helpful.

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