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Day 1: If I Can Do It One Day, I Can Do It Everyday



Day 1 of my commitment to not pick my face is complete!. I decided to get some elastic bands to fiddle with while I would otherwise be picking at my face, and when I went to the bathroom, I really felt the encouragement of this community to not pick. There's a couple spots on my face that I would normally have picked or tried to pop, but I know that it might seem to get worse before it gets better.

I KNOW I can do this.



You totally can do this! Just a tip, consider starting an antibiotic like amoxil and watch your face clear. I used to pick until I found a regimen that kept me clear. Try: 1. amoxil,2.benzaclin or duac,3.tretinoin or scrap all those and take accutane! Whatever you chose, best of luck!

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Amoxilworx I believe what you are doing is working for you, and i'm sure you've tried everything under the sun beforehand, but I don't think someone should just jump straight on antibiotics or accutane. No disrespect intended I just think there are other ways to at least try before going on severe medications. That's just my opinion though.

I honestly believe just leaving it alone for some people can make it go away, for instance I never had acne, I just had grease all over my skin from cooking in a restaurant, so I started constantly washing my face when I was at work. That caused my skin to over produce oil, which caused blackheads, I started squeezing the blackheads and doing damage to my pores and sure enough I started getting whiteheads.

Point being I should've just left it alone, it took me two years to realize that and when I finally quit messing with my skin and putting chemicals on my skin it completely went away, and I have a horrible diet lol.

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