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Accutane Week 4



This week my skin went through a dramatic and rapid clearing phase. The clogged pores have been reduced to maybe 30 or so, and the amount of acne has dropped to ten. TEN. I only have ten pimples on my face.

.....my skin hasn't looked this good in so long, I nearly cried happy tears telling the Derm today how things were going. My back, however, is still purging and looks a little frightening. Keep in mind I am still using topical acne medication (a gentle 2% salicylic acid treatment right now.)


Since I was on retin-A micro in the months leading up to my Accutane course, I don't have much to report for hyperpigmentation because the retin-A did such a good job of removing it, and weirdly enough the new pimples that I've been getting on Accutane don't seem to be leaving much hyperpigmentation behind. Weird, but I'm not complaining.


As far as scarring goes I have one new permanent scar from a cyst (a true cyst, not just a deep pimple) and two other shallow 'scars' that look like they're healing smoothly.


During my appointment this morning my dermatologist said he's put over 8,000 people on accutane, and that the blood tests practically never come back with anything concerning, and that most people achieve long lasting clearance. He said if my acne comes back in a few years I could always go back on another course. Also he says that my oily skin probably won't come back and that some people who oily skin is still a problem for opt to go on a tiny dose of accutane after their first full course, to keep it under control.

Since my skin used to be veryyy severely oily I'm really paranoid the oil will come back and if it does, the long term low-dose sounds tempting. But that's a long way off, and according to my derm, chances are I won't need it.

Okay so quick symptom check-in

-Still nosebleeds every day. Sigh.

-Dry skin, dry eyes, but my face has been significantly LESS dry and peeling. Like, it seems more normal than at first.

-Achy joints

-I recently broke out in a weird rash up both arms. I forgot to ask my derm about it today. It's probably just an allergic reaction to something.

-Still dry itchy scalp, and very dry hair. I've been using loads of conditioner.

-DRY LIPS. Dry dry dry. I have to exfoliate them gently with a face cloth twice a day to remove the peeling skin, and I carry my lip balm (pure lanolin) with me everywhere especially when I'm eating.

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Sounds awesome. I am so happy for anyone who has success with their regimen. Fingers crossed you wont need another course, but if you do, then so be it. Peace!

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