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Day 18 Accutane Clavaris 80Mg



Well here I am 1400 mg's into the drug that I've pondered about for years. I must say it feels good to not be taking antibiotics and not applying benzoyl peroxide and all the other shit that never worked for me. My first break out on accutaune lasted 7 days from day 6-13, I've just been dealing with that acne still and today I can look at my self in the mirror again with out feeling really bad..if you havent read my previous blogs my acne got crazy clear from day 1-5. I still def have active acne but the acne from days 6,7,8,9 are about gone and some of the bigger cysts are still there but smaller. I do have this huge deep one under my cheek that hasn't gotten red and exposed yet but I know its time will come. So I would say I have about 5-6 active cysts not bad considering I was hating life a few days ago, not that I'm any more depressed than usual, acne just sucks. Acne is my depression..a few things make me sad...when people die, when i lose money and acne...lol. Im sure theres more but yea.

Side effects: This gets repetitive but whatever..Dry skin but really not to much of a problem for me..Im washing my face once per day now..normally id get so oily but not anymore. Cetaphil cleanser/cetaphil lotion. My lips get the most dry and guess what I use? You probably already know dont you? yea Im not gna say it again. I've been taking a shower every other day due to my dry scalp, I dont like doing this becuase I prefer to be really clean but I have to. I was seeing like 5-10 hairs fall on my pills around days 5-10 but that has slowed down alot..I'll see like 1-2 hairs now on my pillows and a few more in the shower but nothing crazy. I use head and shoulders conditioner and neurogena T-gel for shampoo. I was knda emotionless and pissed off from day 8 all the way up to yesterday but I think it was just the acne not the accutane.

Anyways I'm mentally preparing my self for more break outs but I'm also hoping that maybe my initial break out has ended..we'll see Ill keep ya updated


Hey how's it going? Are you starting to see an improvement?

Just updated the blog, it seems acctaune is changing my skin for the better, still breaking out but def more in control

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