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In The Beginning...



Greetings and Hello to all the people of the Acne community!

Today I will be sharing my experiences with ACNE and (hopefully) start the last journey I will ever need to totaly and completely eradicate acne from my life. All acne sufferers out there are probabaly aware of the terrible social "upsets" that acne can cause in this age. It seems these days the American life has been twisted toward perfection, as if our successes and failures depends on our physical lack of flaws. Over the years of my highschool life I have suffered depression and other negative emotions from ACNE. I came here to
in hopes of finding answers to my questions and to share my experiences with the world. I do not believe that this skin condition is meant to stay forever, but the idea of having rough, scared skin really upsets me. I still have active ACNE, but the majority of it has shifted to my neck line (I am nearly psotive this is caused by hormonal imbalances, which I am convinced is related to my diet) from my face. I now have scars over my face, which is constant reminder that life is not an easy ride, that we must fight and strive always! I had began to question and beg and plea for better skin to whoever would listen (God? The stars?), I came to the conclusion that we were born independent, we were born alone, and we must overcome our problems through KNOWLEDGE. I realized that our country (the Unites States of America) has deprived our right to protect its citizens from the poison of unhealthy substances and food. It is my overall hope that this guide and blog serve as a journal that anyone can access and utilize in their personal goals. I would like to offer what adivce I have learned over the years and continue to learn what I can in the face of this "life-killing" chronic condition.

So... You guys and gals may be wondering how my acne started and how it has evolved and flourished over the years. Or perhaps you are wondering why I have chosen to write here in the first place. In order to understand why my story is as similar as it is as different from everyone elses on here you must understand that all human beings are different in many ways and it is this natural diversity that has allowed for such a community to gain strenghth. Ok, ok I promise I will begin my story...

It started in 8th grade, I remember getting my first pimple on the side of my check next to the corner of my mouth. I didn't think much at the time, and it didn't phase me that I had "acne". I had seen the condition on many teenagers and even some of my friend's older siblingshad it, but I never thought much about it. It didn't change my view or opinions over anyone. In fact, I remember thinking that it made people stand out it in a uniqe way almost (I can't make the conection now). Over the course of my eigth grade year I had slowly but surely gained a face full of acne. It wasn't all that sevre and I was using simple face washing techniques to manage it. I do want to make note that I was consuming a LOT of dairy and sugar at this time. I never thought anything about it of course (It has shoved in my face always, walking down ailes at the grocery store and seeing media about how "tasty" it is). High school started and over the next three years and not much happened socialy. I remained dedicated to my studies and suffered multiple cases of disappointment when it came to females and liking girls. The depression set in severly my Freshamn year and I hated my existance. Hope seemed a commodity to lavish for my life. To this day I cannot pin-point a reason for chaning my outlook on life completely. I grew up in high school, I matured, I found my motivation in life. Gradually over my sophomore and Junior years I have developed my confidence and my knowledge. Aout 4 months ago, I was at the pinnical of my highschool life. My acne was in remission and it was nearing its cycle. I had been working out frequently and I was happy at what I had achieved. School was going very well and I was to the point where acne didn't matter much anymore. I would like to also mention that my diet was the best its ever been. Now I sit here typing this thinking of all that I have done, wondering what the future holds. Yet I cannot think of the future when the problem resides in my present.

Fof the past few months I have been eating terribly, all routines have collapsed and I will be posting here in hopes of finding my motivation again. My acne has spiked again on my right check, neck line, neck and back of the neck.

This Blog will be broken up into multiple components, which can be seen on the right under categories. I will be adding information as I affirm and learn it to "information about my Journey". I will be adding daily entries starting:

Thanks for reading my story!

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Hey there, you sure came to the right place haha. I just wanted to let you know that acne does not have to be forever. One thing i'm sure you already know is acne doesn't just happen. It's there for a reason, the hard part is figuring out why,

Luckily you seem to have a good head on your shoulders and a basic idea of what could be causing it. Just make sure you don't let it get the best of you okay? Your the only one that controls your mood, so if your depressed, that's your fault. I know it can be hard to change your mood but start with just forcing yourself to smile, you'll find happiness is contagious.

Oh and if you want to feel free to add me, having someone to talk to can make a huge difference.

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