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Day 0: The Start Of My Journey



I joined acne.org after I picked again today, after two days of going without. I've been a picker for about 5 years, and luckily I haven't incurred any major scarring in that time. However, I know for a fact that my acne would be way, way less of an issue if I was able to stop picking. The results of picking have made me very depressed at times, although it's reassuring to know I'm not alone in going through this.

I've tried keeping tallies, calendars, etc. many times before, but always simply on a piece of paper. I think that by starting this blog, and posting a memo each day that I'm able to go without picking, I'll have a much better chance at success. It's the benefit of peer pressure .

So, wish me luck! And feel free to comment with your own tallies. Together, we can encourage each other and break these habits.


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Hello 1dayatatime, I commented on a few other posts but yours is actually about a problem I used to have, and yes you are correct. Picking causes your acne to be much worse.

My acne has literally dissapeared since I quit picking, it was actually a combination of not picking and forcing myself to forget about it but those are one in the same in my opinion. The first step I took was not looking in the mirror, I literally quit looking in the mirror, quit touching my face, quit washing it all the time.

I simply forgot about it, there was a sad sob story that pushed me to the point of just forgetting about it but I reached that point. Anyways after like a month of not looking in the mirror at all, I looked in the mirror, and to my surprise, besides a full grown beard from not being able to shave, my skin looked amazing.

You can do it, I literally sat in my bedroom for two years straight, I lived off of delivery food and waited til night time to order food so they couldn't see me, it got so bad that I took the lightbulb out of the porch so they'd stop turning it on, I was that ashamed. I sat in front of my bathroom mirror day and night picking and crying. So trust me, if I can do it you can do it too, we all support you here.

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