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Thankful For Acne.org



So, Ive noticed that within these last couple of weeks I have been in good spirits. I'm more smiley, talkative, laughing around, over just feeling GOOOD!

Firstly, I would like to shine a light on ACNE.ORG & the postivity it offers. This site gives me so much hope & proof that acne is an recovering disease.

Like most of you, I spent a lot of time crying, complaining about my acne. However With the site I continue to stay postive & hopefully for my success story. I'm slowly getting back to my happy, goofy, outgoing self.

I feel as though, ACNE.ORG is an uplifting site. I've witnessed so much support, and encouragement amongst all of us! We all can relate some how, we all understand each other. I feel like I have a new.....FAMILY! :)

Lastly, I would like to THANK ALL OF YOU! Stay strong, stay optimistic. Your success story is coming!

How do you feel about ACNE.ORG?

comments are loved ❤️

Stay Beautiful.



I think your starting to figure out an important part of getting clear skin, just be happy. Seriously I literally cleared my skin by just choosing to not worry about it, don't touch your face don't look in the mirror constantly. Acne is like a bully, if you don't pay it any attention, it will go away.

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Yesssss, that's so true! My mom & boyfriend alway say the same exact thing. "STOP WORRYING SO MUCH" I'm slowly getting there, it's a process.

I don't think I will never accept the way my skin is now, however you're right it' is a bully. I will work on not paying it as much attention!

Thanks for your comment! It's appreciated. :)

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Hey no problem, glad I could birghten your day a little. Although I do think accepting your skin is a part of finding happiness. That was the single most hardest part for me to get past, knowing I will never be as good looking as I used to be, it took me a long time to get over that, I even got new friends because I didn't want my old ones to think of me as any less.

You've just got to embrace change, change is inevitable and eventually you'll be sitting in your rocking chair, knitting sweaters for your 500 cats, and you'll be thinking about how you would give anything to not have wrinkles anymore, you'll think wow I really didn't know how well I had it when my skin stuck to my face.

Lmao just apprecite what you have, take time to say thank you everyday. Whenever something good happens just say thank you and smile, even if your talking to yourself. Being thankful for the little things will make your life more fulfilling, you have things to be thankful for, and that my friend, is something to be thankful for : )

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Lol! Look at youuuuu! You're ABSOLUTELY right!!!

With me being more happier lately, I've noticed I'm starting to change the way I view myself lately! Im focusing more on just being happy, & thankful!

Like you said, I do have so much to be thankful for. We are our own worst critics, I haven't hung out with my friends in months. I know exactly what you mean.

I'm slowly leaving that phase though. I have a great support system around me & I don't want to abandon them because of stupid "acne"

Thanks again, your post really made me smile. (Still smiling) :)

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Haha soo glad I could help, good to hear your feeling more optimistic about everything, keep heading down that path and soon you won't even realize how far you've gone til you look back.

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