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Acne Has Taken My Life



I'm tired of always going to school being made fun of or being called ugly always the guy who never gets the girl always crying when he sees himself in the mirror constantly what's worse is that I have sensitive skin benzol peroxide isn't an option if I use it I turn like a tomato and sometime swollen I just wish I could get rid of this once and for all my life has gone to death I always try to avoid my acne but constantly feel so sad I just wish there was a product that was quick and didn't turn my face so red and decreases my pores I hate sensitive skin so much if you find a good treatment plz let me know I'm a 15 year old boy looking for a cure


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You could take Accutane but you're not old enough. Actually, i don't know the age, but just ask for the Accutane. I'm a teenage girl, a year younger than you and i know what it feels like. So, please. Try to find some hope within yourself and learn to love your self, even though it's hard. STOP CARING WHAT OTHERS THINK ABOUT YOU.It's not like you can stop this acne from getting worse. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU CAN'T GET A girl, YOU'RE NOT GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW. So stop worrying about such things. I would encourage you to just thank GOD for this problem, because then you'll see amazing results!! Trust me. :) God Bless with the healing of your skin. :) Wish you the best.

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as of now I'm 22 years old and if you really want advice then understand this - stop caring about what RANDOM people at school think. are you really going to let them hold you back? I know it's easier said than done but looking back myself, I wish I knew not to care. I would've been a lot happier I can tell you that.

why would you want to get a girl anyway? you're 15 - enjoy your life with minimal commitments lols

holy crap I sound old saying that.

point being - you'll have MANY opportunities in your life to find someone. instead of comparing yourself to others and internalizing every remark they make just focus on yourself.

and here's some dating advice - if they're shallow enough to make your acne such a relevant factor in your relationship then the're not worth it.

good luck on finding skincare products that workout. there are many to choose from drugstore wise. it's all about trial and error.

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Get to a dermatologist: get on a retinoid (write this down), topical antibiotic (very mild even soothing) and an oral antibiotic, personally i think amoxil and keflex kick a$$. I had severe acne at your age and for whatever reason couldn't keep up with a regimen. Once my face cleared I stopped using the drugs. No matter what, see a doctor! Peace!

My regimen is as follows:

1. benzaclin

2. 3000 mg of amoxil

3. 25mg of spironolatone-for females only sorry

4. tretinoin

Also, like Cerulean City's advice. Keep your guards up and know this state of your skin is temporary. It will calm down.

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accutane has a 95% cure rate, and 66% stay cured forever, only thing is you will have some side effects and an initial breakout..thats the closest thing to a cure

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I don't have severe acne but mainly my acne is on my cheeks with my pores if I take accutane will it turn me super red and swollen because I have super sensitive skin if I eat a piece of candy or put colon on I might get a pimple the next day I don't want any redness so far I just use skin acne cleanser with neutrogena naturals I heard dove unscented soap is good for sensitive acne but bar soaps like that are made for bodies not face I'm just so confused plz reply ASAP

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Do yourself a favor and don't put anything on your skin okay, especially if you have sensitive skin. The thing is acne isn't caused from dirt on the skin, your acne is purely hormonal, you're going through puberty. If you put all sorts of chemicals on your skin you may end up causing your acne to last much longer than it's supposed to.

Once you're done with puberty your hormones will settle and so will your skin, I beg you not to take accutane or start putting chemicals on your face. Your young and may think that doctors have your best interest in mind but they only think of you as a paycheck, you can't cure acne. So don't keep going back to doctors and wasting money for no reason, maybe if your 20 and still have acne then you should see a dermatologist but it is perfectly normal for you to have acne at your age, the best thing is you can do is just let it happen.

Still keep eating healthy though because that's good for you anyways, and as for the girls, you have your entire life to find the girl your meant to be with, no need to rush that either, just let it happen. When I was 15 I looked like such a nerd, and now I have people telling me I should model. Life is full of surpises my friend, just enjoy life and don't take things too seriously.

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