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Cold Shower...not Really Lol



After doing some reading I’ve come to the conclusion that my showers are WAY too hot. no no no not like that LOL

I love a scalding hot shower but my skin does not.

I turned down the temp and immediately saw a difference. I wasn’t so red and irritated when i got out of the shower.

I also splashed with cold water at the end (just on my face. brrrr)

i use to do this a long time ago but i guess i got out of the habit. time to get back in. I shivered the entire time but I’ll have to get use it to. Most people would consider the temp just fine but when you are used to "boiling", anything less is COLD lol

i'm more awake too LOL


Just do what I do, take a lukewarm shower so your pores can open slightly and possible cleanse a little and finish by slowly turning the water to colidsh. That way you close your pores before getting out. You don't want it to be too cold though cause that can be bad too.

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Thanks ! That's about what I do. I'm not that mean to myself. Brrrrrrr lol I have to lay off the products too. Too much acne meds make me irritated. So between lowering the shower temp and taking a medicine break, I'm hoping to rejuvinate. I'm going to try a rose water too. I hear its nice and soothing. Aloe didn't do too much for me. Thanks again :)

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