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How To Combat Accutane Symptoms



DISCLAIMER: These are things that I have personally done and found very effective in reducing my symptoms. I apologize if any of these things do not work for you. If you'd like more brand suggestions or specific product names, leave a comment and I'll get back asap. :)

Combat the dryness:

Invest in a heavy-duty body moisturiser (eg Cerave, Cetaphil, Aquaphor) and also a skin oil (olive oil, coconut oil and Emu oil are my favourites) and mix them together 75% moisturiser to 25% oil. Put that on right before bed and right after your shower, and your skin will be smoooooth and happy. :) Make sure not to miss the backs of your hands and your cuticles.

Google the exfoliator called CURE (it's Japan's number one bestselling skin care product...they don't even advertise.) It has saveeed my life these last few weeks. This stuff is gentle, and gets dry/peeling skin off like nothing else. I got mine off of Ebay for about 40$ but really...it was worth every penny.

Keep a thickkk hand lotion in your purse, in your car, by your bed, and anywhere you wash your hands (bathroom, kitchen...)There is no such thing as too much hand lotion in this case.

Start shaving with hair conditioner or an oil for a 'shaving lotion' to further hydrate your skin and protect your sensitive skin from razor burn.

Consider the oil cleansing method for makeup removal. Personally, my skin can't handle it, but many people have amazing success with this.

Bring your water bottle with you everywhere, and make an effort to drink as much as you comfortably can. Throw in some fresh sliced fruit to add flavour if you're not a fan of plain water.

Buy a GOOD LIP BALM and take it EVERYWHEREEEEEEE YOU GO. Everywhere. Do not forget your lip chap or you will hate your life. I have several scattered around my room and house so that I always have one on hand. Aquaphor and pure Lanolin are good choices. I have to reapply several times while eating food aswell so I keep one on the kitchen table.

Use a deep conditioner or hair mask as your regular conditioner and use it every single day. If your skin isn't too sensitive, a leave-in conditioner would also work great. But be very careful to wash the conditioner off of your body before stepping out of the shower because I have had lots of problems in the past with conditioners that cause body-acne. (Before accutane I used Aussie Moist and it didn't break me out, but most other conditioners do.)

For the nose bleeds use a saline nasal spray, or just apply whatever you use on your chapped lips to the inside of your nose. If you're lucky, you'll only have to do this at nighttime before bed.

For dry eyes, it's pretty straightforward. Carry artificial tears around with you and put them in when you're in the restroom or in your car..also keep the eye area super hydrated. If the thin skin around my eye dries out I get very dry eyes.

Combat the joint pain:

Take epsom salt baths. These also detox your body and make you feel calm.

Keep exercising, but go easy on the exercises that are hard on joints, you don't want to end up too sore; your body needs all the help it can get right now to detox from the Accutane in your liver.


While on Accutane it would be very wise to start each day with a short, brisk, full body workout followed by a green smoothie to detox your liver. There is a great debate over how good or bad Accutane is for you; a lot of people believe that the acne returns after treatment because of liver damage done while on Accutane. I'll do anything to make sure the acne doesn't come back, so I'm doing my best to eat healthy while on this medication. The chlorophyll in the greens is a powerful detox and is most effective first thing in the morning. I usually go for baby spinich, baby kale, spirolina, and sometimes parsley or cilantro (although those two have a powerful smell that is very unpleasant to some people).Mix those in with healthy fat (coconut oil and nuts and seeds), protein powder, yogurt, and then your fruit. That makes it full of vitamins and minerals, probiotics, fat, protein, and carbs.

Spot treating

This is a hot topic of debate. Is it okay to continue with topical treatments while on accutane?

I'm not sure, but I do anyway, because my skin is not yet healthy enough to heal on its own.

I've been using benzoyl peroxide, a gentle salicylic acid treatment, and the ELF zit-zapper intermittently. Even with them my skin is still breaking out, but slowly healing. I just use them under my moisturizer over my most problem areas, avoiding around my mouth and nose where I'm most sensitive.


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