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Week 1



After looking through the web to see how others are coping with this, I decided I too should document my journey. At present, I am at the start of my third week so I will just post weeks 1 and 2 now then update weekly in real time.

To say my first week of Roaccutane was hard is a gross understatement. I have never felt less like myself in my life; even my boyfriend has noticed already. Because I am taking the drug at a higher dosage than what is considered the norm to start with (3x 20mg pills one day, 4x the next and back to 3x the day after and so on), I think it has taken drastic effect on me sooner than I anticipated. My appearance is beginning to evolve into the 'worse' stage - they always tell you your skin will 'get worse before it gets better'. What they don't tell you is how bad it will be. I know that I should remember that it will get better, but it's difficult to think that way when all I see in the mirror is a face full of ugly, throbbing red pustules of acne. It's quite disheartening, to say that least. Then there's my spirit, which has also taken a turn for the worse; I've noticed that immediately after taking my daily dosage each night, I go through a stage of immediate sickness and feeling utterly drained. It's gotten to the point where I make sure that I am as relaxed as I can be before swallowing, so as to keep myself as calm as possible while digesting the pills.

I've ticked off a few of the side effects: my lips are certainly dry, I've begun experiencing daily nose bleeds and my skin is peeling like crazy on my face.

I am hoping next week will not be as bad as this; but I won't hold my breath.


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