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Day 41?



I'm trying to be patient, but geeze it's hard some days. It's just a constant :):(:):( type deal and it is disheartening some days. Today is a "good" day, but I'm not going to think for a second that tomorrow won't be bad again.

I've been feeling pretty down, and I think it's definetly the accutane. My mind has just been foggy. I can't consent rate at all, and I get upset by small things. It could also be the weather here too though. It's been a long cold winter. Either way, I am going to push through and finish this thing. I know it will be worth it, no matter how I feel right now.

I tried the cortizone cream, and it cleared up my cysts pretty well! Try it out. Also, the flakiness is so bad, especially where I'm healing. That's getting old :/. Other than that, I'm just taking it day by day. Not much else I can do. blogentry-372253-0-31838100-1393177275_tblogentry-372253-0-55447100-1393177235_t


I can tell you're very pretty. I'm a good-looking guy or so I'm told but acne has completely shitted on my confidence..ive had cystic acne since 20 and Im 24 now, Im finally on accutane day 15..I feel you completely..acne is a mentally and physically damaging disease and will erase everything you use to care about, not wanting to do anything or see anyone, its hard to make eye contact. These lows we feel now will only make the highs feel so much better ..it sucks no matter how you look at it, but the good thing about accutane is its actual real hope...the way accutane works as you probably know once its done pushing out all the bacteria its going to get better really fast out of no where, i'll be following your blog and I look forward to seeing your success in the future and your confidence blossom.


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