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19 Days



So I waited a bit too long to update this thing haha. I did end up going to the dermatologist and was prescribed 100 mg Doxycycline and Epiduo. Both are used every night and I am very diligent of wearing sunscreen and staying out of the sun. My forehead and nose area are completely smooth and clear while my chin and cheek area are still feeling the initial breakout. Although, the chin area is probably more reactive to friction and fabric material and hence the irritation. I have not lost hope yet though! The initial dryness of my skin did happen but it came and went much faster than I would have expected. The type of regimen I am following is very similar to the regimen on acne.org but just with the added doxycycline. I understand there is hesitancy to take antibiotics to counteract acne but its main helpfulness is not getting rid of the acne as it is reducing inflammation. I think even after my 2 month period of using it is up, if I continue the Epiduo and gentle face washing I will still reap the benefits for the only reason the antibiotics were precribed was to reduce inflammation. I will update with photos soon and hope to see more improvement! Good luck to everyone and their endeavors! :)

P.S the first thing my dermatologist brought up even before offering epiduo or doxycycline was birth control. I think it is something that is overlooked most of the time and a lot of the factors of my break out had to do with stress and hormonal inbalance hence the week after I went to the dermatologist, I went to the gynecologist. I am on a birth control that will help level that out but am greatly pleased that I may have hit the root cause of my breakouts. My skin has improved greatly and I know it ws important to take these steps because its even in better shape than it has been for the past 5 to 7 years. Also has a reminder, stress can play a huge role in my breakouts and I realize now how essential it is to relieve that so that it does not ruin my health. School and other factors were largely involved in the stress but I am learning to cope much better with this now and am glad that I learned early on about the effect stress has on me and my well being. This may not be the case for everyone but if you are someone who continually eats healthy and exercises with a pretty good sleeping schedule; stress may be what is effecting your health. Goodluck again to everyone and I hope these updates help give reassurance to people with initial breakouts!

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Nice post! It's always good to hear that someone has found a derm to work with. Epiduo definitely has an initial breakout. That is from the adapalene in epiduo. It is a retinoid like tretinoin. I too am tackling the hormonal side of my acne. I recently started spironolactone. My blood pressure, due to weight gain, caused by depression, precludes me from being on an estrogen based birth control. Therefore I am taking spiro which blocks the bodie's receptors of testosterone, disabling it. Testosterone increases oil production and causes acne. Good luck..keep posting it is very interesting.

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