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Clarisonic While On Accutane.



If you are thinking about using your clarisonic while on accutane, don't.

I usually have very "sturdy" skin that is almost never sensitive from products, sun or "roughness".

I had a dry patch on my cheek bone and though i know you have to be extra gentle while on accutane, I figured I'd try the clarisonic so I can get rid of that flaky area. Boy was that stupid!!!!

After I used the clarisonic, I rinsed off my face and immediately noticed extreme sensitivity in that area. And that is an understatement. It felt as if I had burned that spot, it was painful, evenmore so when I applied moisturizer.

Luckily that was before bed time so my skin had time to recover before applying makeup and sunscreen and all the morning routine. By morning it wasn't painful anymore and it looked "normal" albeit still a bit flaky...


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