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Day 3



It could just be my imagination but I feel like there is some improvement: the large pimples I had have started to dry up and shrink. The derm said I don’t have clogged pores so hopefully there won’t be a dramatic purge in the next two weeks. I’m beginning to notice dryness in my nose, which I expect will be my biggest problem as my skin is already super dry. It also feels itchy and is flaking where I had red bumps.



mine got super clear by day 5, my old acne shriveled, i thought i was to get a smooth ride but ive been breaking out from day 6-11, im on 12 today. Its not that dramatic but its def there...i hope you dont have to go though it but i would just say mentally prepare for it. Either way just imagine a few months from now!

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Thanks for the warning. I guess it's not a good idea to get my hopes up. It really can't get worse that's it been for the past six months

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hhahah I know its been years for me..yea it sucks to break out again but at least im breaking out for a good reason, to get clear! how goes it today?

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Day 5 and I'm pretty happy. I have been getting new pimples but they are gone by the end of the day and there is no inflammation. The red inflammation was the worst part of my breakouts as it made my face look angry and swollen so if accutane can nip inflammation, I don't mind outbreaks of pimples.

There is a lot of skin peeling where I had red bumps and they too have almost disappeared apart one or two larger ones. Lips and nose are noticeably dry now and I was absolutely exhauted for the first four days. It's funny but I was actually happy to experience the dry skin because I felt it was working.

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