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Week Six Accutane



So this is a late post. I was going to skip it but wanted to keep to my journal for my records so if something abnormally goes wrong I know when it happened...positive thinking huh?

So the pimple under my lip is all gone. There is very slight scarring but I have dark skin so it doesn't show too bad. Plus I have that cheesy soul patch that covers some of it.

I did get a new pimple on the left side of my jawline. it started small in the beginning of the week and it didn't hurt like my normal zits do. I didn't think it would grow to big because it didn't hurt when I pressed it and those usually don't get large. Anywho, it grew up to a full adult pimple in about 3 days. It was right on the border of my left cheek/jawline and my chin. 1/8 inch lower it wouldn't have been visible but of course with my luck it was visible. It lasted all week and on Saturday I popped it like an idiot. Base on my past posts, I don't learn from my lessons. It scabbed over in two days but still had some crap in it and so I continued my addiction and popped the rest of the puss out. Now it's scabbing and healing slowly. It does take longer for these things to heal.

My nose and face is getting dryer again. It seemed to get a little back to normal towards the end of week 4 but I think with the increase in dosage, it's back to it's old self. The good news as it peels, the blackheads come out with the skin. My blackheads were getting better but again have increased, probably due to the dosage again. My chin is probably the driest and then right around my eyebrows. I can tell my skin is a bit thinner because a little rubbing of the dry flakes causes my skin to turn red but it gets back to normal within a few minutes. My entire face gets dry but using lotion in the morning usually lasts through most of the day.

The eczema on the back of my arms has gone away. My derm said my body was getting used to the accutane so it wasn't in shock anymore...whatever that means. The only real dry area is my face and around my ears. Even upping the dosage hasn't caused dryer skin other than on my face.

My face us waaaaaayyyyy less oily since being on this stuff. I can actually put a piece of brown paper towel at work on my face and not have the thing look like one of those pictures you tell a psychiatrist looks like a butterfly. There is some oil but nothing that causes my glasses to slip down my face every minute.

No headaches, no muscle or joint pain, no depression, no hair loss (no more than usual), no internal bodily concerns and etc. Just dry skin and very dry lips. Seems like a layer peels away every two days but no cracking that causes rawness. Eyes are still dry but no worse than last week.

So I wash my face only once a day now with the Cetaphil, derms suggestion. I use the Cortibalm in the morning and Aquaphor throughout the day, probably every 2-3 hours. I use Cetaphil moisturizing creme instead of lotion. Derm says creme keeps the moisture in better than lotion. I apply all of this right after I shower before my skin totally dries up.

So all in all, things are going good. No active pimples right now (knock on cheap wood because I'm sitting at my desk) and just containment of a dry face. Oh and hair is still really dry, I conditioner every day and Nizarol shampoo every 3rd day.

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I have been on it for one month and can absolutely relate to the whole butterfly-psychiatrist thing. I swear I could blot my face every 10 minutes and the oil and grease on my face would just replenish itself like magic. Having makeup that actually STAYS on is amazing!!! And putting thick creams and oils on my face? UNHEARD OF!!! ^_^

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