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Day 126



I had been doing really well but it's my time of month and now I have the most painful nodule I've ever had in my life on my chin. Before I got acne really bad, the only pimples I ever got were during this time of the month on my chin. It seems that I am back in this cycle. It doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it did the past two days. I couldn't talk or chew at all without excruciating pain. It felt like something was drilling into my skin and into my mouth and teeth. No amount of ibuprofen helped. The only temporary relief comes when I apply a warm compress. Even so, the nodule is showing no signs of diminishing anytime soon. If the past is any predictor, it will be gone by next week. In the meantime, I plan on applying a clay mask tonight to get rid of a few clogged pores. Last night I applied some SA before working out and then buffed my face with oil. It got rid of a few of the clogged pores but not all of them. I have a few on my upper left cheek and some blackheads on my chin that were stubborn. I also had a small pimple on my right cheek but it's drying up now. There's a mark, but it should be gone within 2 days or so. I can't wait to go back to having clear skin. It's been so nice to not wear makeup every day.

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Buffed your face with oil? Oils clog pores and anyone with acne must use oil-free products/ moisturizers, cleansers, make-up etc...Check in with dermatologist and let her or him know that you have been buffing your face with oil so you can get another opinion besides your own.

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