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Accutane Week 3



Hey guys,

Quick update, here are the symptoms I've experience so far and a skin update.

Symptoms (there's no way of telling for sure if these symptoms are connected to the drug or just coincidence, but they did all start after I began the drug.)

-back pain and some joint pain in my wrists&ankles

-mild nose bleeds (every day)

-my face has been sweating a lot, even though it's cold

-DRY SKIN, which is lovely, I'm very happy having dry skin compared to oily !! It makes life so much easier! :D

-I wear contacts, and so far my eyes do get more dry at nighttime, but I can still wear my contacts throughout the day without problems.

-Dry, itchy scalp and dry hair.

That sounds worse than it is really. I'm quite happy on this drug to be honest, the side effects don't bother me as much as the acne does.


Using my back/chest/shoulders as a guide, at first I flared up quite badly, but now that I just finished week 3 it's slowly starting to heal. This directly relates to what my accutane manual says usually happens. It says '...During the first few weeks of treatment, your acne may seem to get worse. Redness and itching of the affected skin are common initial effects. These should disappear as you continue to take isotrentinoin. Most often, the first signs of healing occur after two to three weeks of treatment. It may take one to two months before beneficial effects are seen." My face is still broken out, and I keep getting monster pimples rising up from deep in my skin, but it does seem to be slowly clearing. Still using benzoyl peroxide twice a day. The pores on my cheeks are all clogged and I have a million tiny lumps on them, so I think total clearing is a ways away yet.

Hugs and prayers for all of you going through this aswell!

Like always, I'm open to any questions. :) Ask away!

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