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Day 14...2 Weeks On Accutane!



So I've just taken my 14th pill. There's not been a dramatic improvement, if anything it's worse than what I started.

From day 3 till around 9/10 i had a few side effects, achy arms and hands, few headaches, dry lips and nose, dry hair. Now on day 14 they seem to have gone, not really got dry lips at the moment but I no to expect that soon.

I went to bed last night with 2 spots forming on my top lip, now they are in full swing so I'm hoping they will be gone in the next couple of days.

Nothing really major to report, I knew to expect my acne to get worse before it got better so I was prepared for this.

I have posted a few pics just to keep people updated :) x


Wow your acne is so mild. Mine was much more severe. My whole face was inflamed, pustules everywhere, even my scalp chest and back. It has taken years of antibiotic therapy to beat the acne down hard enough for me to look decent again. I hope accutane works for you. I kinda want to try it too. Peace!

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It is unbelievable a doctor would prescribe accutane for an almost clear face! Any potential harm, if happens, will always be worse than the face you've had before with barely any acne….not even mild acne….Accutane does not take care of your pigmentation, if anything, it might make it more visible due to skin getting a bit thinner during the time of the treatment. I know it because I took accutane(and no it did not help). Good luck!

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I have sandpaper acne which makes my face feel very lumpy which you can't really see on pics because they are tiny little lumps everywhere, I think that's why the doctor prescribed it to me cause 9 years of topicals and antibiotics wouldn't shift it

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