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Day 9 Accutane/clavaris 80Mg - 'the Purge'



So its begun, I'm definitely seeing signs of an initial breakout. I can tell because I usually dont get 10 whitehead/cysts on my chin area all at once lol..maybe 4 on the chin at most...not 10 lol. They start out looking like cysts, and hurt, and within 24-48 hours its a bright white head. I've already had a few come and go, Ive currently got 4 whiteheads and like 6 that are new from last night into today just on my chin area, luckily my goatee and beard covers some. One deep cyst on my forehead and only a few small pimples on my cheeks luckily, maybe that will take longer to purge or maybe I'll get lucky on my cheeks and I wont break out there. I definitely feel a couple cysts along my jaw line to but again im lucky my beard covers them. By the way Ive wanted to shave for a long time but I cant because its helps hide acne plus shaving can create new acne..so I cant wait to shave in a few months if everything goes as planned. I see a few hairs on my pillows like 4 or 5 each morning and a few in the shower but unless it gets crazy im not stopping this for anything, Ive had to battle acne way to long, plus my hair is thick. Worst comes to worst Ill get my dosage lowered but im ready to blast this terrible disease. Besides that lips are really dry...dont care. I apply aquaphor, knda helps. Skins dry...dont care. I use cetaphil that helps. I dont even care about my break out honestly...when youve had to deal with this disease so long its not just physical..its mental to, and Im way stronger than I use to be. Im working out every other day still to but not pushing as hard, drinking plenty of water. Im ready to see whats next..I'll keep you all updated


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