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So Depressed



I'm so depressed about my skin. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. I spend all my money on things to get rid of my acne that just don't work. I have an upset stomach everyday from medication that doesn't work. My face hurts from a medication that just doesn't work. And people are still mean idiots who like to point out any imperfection and right now they're just so many.

I don't remember ever feeling this bad about y skin. I've been hose before and cried myself to sleep before but it never lasted this long. I can't remember the last time I was happy. Maybe around my birthday in December but that was because I actually got couple presents last year. I even bought myself a pair of shoes after about three years of not spending any money on myself unless it was somehow related to school. Last piece of clothing I bought was in 2011. Last year I tried to teach myself how to sew. But I shell out money to doctor visits and medications that don't work. Most of my money goes towards obligations and I'm trying to get a good amount saved in case of an emergency but its taking so long.

Maybe I'm getting older and weaker. Maybe that's why I break down al the time.


You need insurance. What state (U.S) do you live in? There may be a state subsidized low-cost health insurance in your state. There is coverage in just about every state excepting the South; which is in the dark ages.

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I live in South America. The drugs aren't the most expensive but actually going to see a doctor is costly because they charge a lot for consultation andddddd my nearest dermatologist is 2hours away. I've only ever heard about three here, and one is a foreigner who comes from time to time and is actually more expensive than the one I saw who told me he didn't have time to hear what medication I used in the past after my 2hr commute and 3hr wait in his office.

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My friend, I know your struggle. Believe me, I've cried myself to sleep a countless number of times! Acne can make you feel so empty & lost inside.

Everyday is a battle for me, but what I've learned that helps is the attitude you have towards the situation.

Recently, I've changed my attitude, I no longer cry, nor feel so insecure about my acne. Instead I uplift my spirits when I'm feeling down, I read motivational & inspirational quotes/ books, Watch videos, etc!

Those slight acts give me so much hope that everything will work itself out. Stay positive! Believe that you are beautiful despite hard times!

I hope that helped. Thanks for sharing your story!

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