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Accutane Week 2.5



Hey! I just had to throw in a quick mid-week update because something unusual is happening...

I've had hyperhydrosis for many years (overactive sweat glands, activated by stress for me) ...normally I am sweating 24/7 from my underarms and feet. I use drysol (SUPER strength antiperspirant) to control it. I noticed in the last few days that I've been sweating more than normal, from those two places anddd my face. My upper lip has been sweating almost nonstop for no good reason. We're right in the middle of a Canadian winter and it's blizzarding outside, -10 degrees celcius. It was so odd, I looked it up, and it turns out some people get excessive sweating while on this drug.

Also, I've been really achy, which is veryyy unusual. My muscles and joints are cramping and sore. I was holding my mirror to do my makeup and my wrist locked so tightly I couldn't hold on to the mirror anymore and dropped it. My back is the worst though, it hurts to sit/stand tall. I'm concerned, because it's only a couple weeks in to something that is supposed to take months.



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