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Day 32--------



First blog I write about my experience with 10mg/80mg claravis daily.

I started my first month on 10/ 40 mg but increased second month.

I am 18m, 19 on July 7 full time college student pre dietetic major...I have been clear of acne my whole life until I started college(talk about destroying confidence) but now I've developed an attitude and accepted my acne and I'm amazed of how accepting people are to as before I was the one who isolated myself. My acne is mostly on my face but since starting treatment it's gone to my back but not as severe as my face. I will upload pictures as soon as i figure this site out but since starting treatment my cysts have stopped attacking my face as much as they used to but the damage is there!

Onto my medication!

I have strange dreams... I think because of the prednisone and by strange I mean horrifying and vivid first couple of nights I would wake up sweating but after 3 weeks I guess I have become used to it but just some nights I have twisted dreams I never knew I was capable of dreaming! Just needed to get that off my chest if anyone has strange dreams please share, so I know I am normal...Hah also I eat a healthy diet I stay away from most processed foods I don't do dairy and get calcium from spinach and almond milk chicken is the only meat I eat but not often since I'm a broke college kid hehe...I could write tons on my diet but I'd rather not I'm just trying to get over this acne thing...anyways that's all!


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