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Day 6 On Accutane/clavaris 80Mg



Holding up okay, not quite as excited as yesterday, still very hopeful about the months to come. I've developed one large cyst on my upper left cheek, and about 3-4 whiteheads around my nose and chin, some super tiny and one pretty visible. My face is still pink and my forehead starts to get dry if I don't keep up w the lotion. My face gets itchy and its really hard to not itch it, my lips are doing fine as long as I keep up w my chapstick/aquaphor. The acne I had pre accutane pretty much are shriveling down to nothing, awesome stuff. Found a few more hairs on my pillow this morning..not tripping about it. People in Chemo lose all there hair and the grow it back..I feel comfortable losing some but if it gets outa hand im calling my derm. Other than that no new acne, my face actually is in decent shape..I have a feeling theres going to be alot of ups and downs but as long as the end result is clear skin, something I havent had in 5+ years then Im happy.


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