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Day 150 (End Of Treatment)



Day 128 - two small bumps on lip and one on side of face

Day 129 - underside of forearms rash-like/dry

Day 134 - nose bleed; for the first time since starting Accutane, my nose randomly started bleeding

Day 136 - medium-sized pimple forming on right cheek

Day 143 - pimple developing on left temple

Day 150 - TODAY (last day)

General Information

I had extremely oily skin before starting Accutane, to the point where little beads of oil would be visible from the pores on my nose and people would often think I was sweating. While on Accutane, very little oil is produced, so I am using Cetaphil moisturizer.

Necessities When Taking Accutane

1) Lotion

2) Chap stick

3) Water

4) Eye drops (I didn't actually use eye drops, but it would have made things much more pleasant; my eyes became very dry)

My Desires

1) Hopefully enough moisture will return to my skin, eyes, and nose that they are not dry and irritated; however, I would like long-term reduction in my oil production. As I mentioned earlier, I had extremely oily skin before Accutane.

2) Also, I would like my face not to become red and blush as much as it did on Accutane. People would comment about my "sunburn" or "rash."

3) Finally, I hope this is the cure that I have been looking for these past 7 years or so.

4) I hope this blog is beneficial and informative to others suffering from acne or considering Accutane.

Before I tried Accutane, I tried...

1) Topical creams/gels

2) Allergy testing

3) Diets

4) Antibiotics

5) Home remedies

6) The Acne.org Regime (The Acne.org Regime worked pretty well for me and cleared most of my acne, but my skin was always dry and peeling. Even after about 2-3 years on the Regime, my skin never adjusted to the daily, or even every other day, use of BP.

7) There are probably some other treatments that I tried that I am forgetting.

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