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I Need An Exorcist!



hahaah The thought occurred to me today that acne is like a demon that possesses your body.

It takes over and there's nothing you can do about it. If you are an Exorcist fan like me.. you know that Regan never truly gets rid of the demon..it's always there lingering, waiting for the next time she's weak and it can take over again.

Welp, that's how I feel. My skin is possessed by the acne demon. I always come up with all sorts of bad analogies for acne lol

But seriously I'm having a serious breakout at the moment and guess I just need to vent...in the only place I feel I can, where if someone were to actually read this, they can understand my pain.

Soo..I stayed up ALLL night last night researching the notorious "DEMODEX MITE!" Sounds unreal I know, but they are real. There are people who are aware that these mites are the cause of Rosacea, they treat the mites and their skin gets better.

I began researching this problem I've been having recently on my eyelids, which is itchy dry skin, and it can get bumpy if I don't take off my makeup, or if I itch my eyes. Turns out a lot of people have this issue, it's called "demodex blepharitis" We all naturally have bacteria and fungai on our bodies... but when you're having symptoms, it means you're infested. "INFESTED!!!" omg I could just chop my head off... and rid myself of these things forever. So apparently these mites, which are microscopic, crawl across your face, feed off our oils and dead skin cells...leaving their filthy feces behind, they also die and decompose all over your face too.. yaay

So, it MITE just be possible that this whooooole time (15 years) I've been suffering with acne, it could be due to these demodex mites. It makes sense since I've tried everything to get rid of my acne, but it always comes back. They also said the mites cause itchiness and inflamation..duuuh acne! And get this, when you're skin, or pimple is itchy ... it's the mite moving around inside your pore ( or possibly babies being born!) I know it sounds like a bad B sci-fi movie, but if you or your child has ever had lice then this will make perfect sense.

I'm not an expert on these mites, but does sound like they could be the culprit. I do have a theory, that since we all carry the mites, but not everyone suffers from acne...perhaps us who suffer do not produce enough of whatever fights off the mites in our bodies. Similar to one who does not produce insulin, therefore becomes diabetic. Just my theory, but sounds legit. I know that when I take birth control pills containing progesterone, my skin gets clearer.

So, I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon and start buying expensive treatments that supposedly get rid of the mites. I am however going to try a total tea tree oil experiment..since tea tree oil is known to kill the mites. 2morrow is pay day so I'm going to hit up trader joes and buy the tea tree oil shampoo, soap, whatever else they have. I am going to smell horrible but so what. I'm gonna try it for 2 weeks and see if there are any improvements. I'm also going to buy new pillows, perhaps sprinkle some borax on my mattress, and take bleach baths once a week.

I'm excited to perhaps get rid of these mites, however if my theory is valid, then they'll beee baaack!


I was on the hunt yesterday for toner. I wash my super oily skin several times a day and apparently I apply tretinoin one too many times each day. Anyway, ?The Body shop (which I love, only wear their lipstick etc..) carries a toner with Tea Tree oil in it. I am sure you researched this. The one thing that stopped me from buying it was the secret ingredient "Tamanu Oil'. Have you heard of Tamanu oil? Apparently it fights acne also. I just worry about adding oil to the dermis since my face is SUUUPPER Oily on its own. Right now I am using a different toner with witch hazel and alcohol but I feel like going back to Ulta to get the Tea Tree oil toner...omg I should right? The Body Shop has an entire line of acne fighting Tea tree oil products. Facial wipes, toners, creamy wash for face scrubbing and repairing cream. I wanted to go all Tea Tree on my acne but I can't afford it and I'm kinda scared to leave my conventional treatments. My prescription costs are $1.20 per item as opposed to an average of $12-$13.00 for The Body Shop Tea Tree oil line.


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aww and you left me the link ;) thank you sooo much! I had no idea the body shop had tea tree oil stuff... oooh and so many goodies to choose from :) I have oily skin too, and I see they have oil blotting tissues, definitely wanna try those. Right now I use the Palladio rice paper blotting tissues... they're the best, like 4 bucks a pack at Ulta or Sally's... sometimes I do feel like I'm using them all day, but they really do help..I cannot live without them lol

I use alcohol on my face too, but I hear when you dry your skin out with alcohol it just makes it produce more oil... uuugghh what can we do... but yea maybe go ahead and try the tea tree oil toner, can't be harsher than alcohol..right? thanx again :)

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