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Retin-A Week 14



It seems like my skin is just getting progressively worse. I now have three cysts on my chin.

The doxy is still making me sick. I have an upset stomach all day and I'm gassy. It's embarrassing. My stomach growls like it's empty sometimes and it's not. I've actually been eating more to just quiet my stomach. I'm trying to always stay full. Maybe i'm breaking out more and more because i'm always eating... who knows.

I've had another week feeling like i couldnt leave my house because my skin looks aweful. I just want to give up.

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I used to take doxy and minocycyline and had similar problems. When I was switched to amoxicillin the side effects were non-existent. I take several thousands of milligrams of amoxicillin everyday with zero problems associated with my intake.

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