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My New Hope After 4 Different Oral Medications



Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I've been on Accutane and I'm finally on a new oral medication as well as new topicals. Now I'm on sulfamethoxazole-tmp (commonly know as Bactrim/Septra) and for a topical, I'm using clindamycin phosphate topical lotion 1%. I've been on this drug for 2 weeks now, and my skin is pretty smooth right now. Of course, as with most drugs, it gets a lot worse before it starts improving. The breakouts were making me crazy for about a week and a half. I was starting to acne all around my mouth and chin, which was very abnormal for me. I have inflammatory acne and I think the drugs even made the redness less visible. I take one pill a day and apply the lotion in the morning and night time after washing my face. My skin has been dry a couple times, but overall I'm very happy with how it's going and how my skin isn't nearly as dry as it was on Accutane thanks to the lotion. When my acne was bad on certain days, I would wash my face when I'd get back from school, apply Clean & Clear's Dual Action Moisturizer with 0.5% Salicylic Acid and lay down and relax. It's also important to eat healthy and to drink a lot of water because different foods trigger different hormones to act up and drinking a lot of water daily helps remove the toxins in your body. I'm visiting my derm at the end of March, so I hope I'll have some progress evident.

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