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Few Days In



Just thought I'd update since I'm bored at work.

I just have to note that -- it's been years since I've used BP. And currently am having flashbacks every night, remembering that awful, itchy, tight feeling. Honestly it keeps me awake at night, I'm an insomniac already.

My skin texture feels a little different. Not necessarily dry. I've just noticed my make-up isn't applying smoothly like it normally does. So I'm feeling thankful I bought the Jojoba oil as well. I've just been removing my make-up with that and it seems to be doing the job. I wasn't sure going into this how make-up removal fit into the specific regime instructions.

I've had a few new pimples in places that I don't normally gets pimples. (Kind of above my lips and my upper cheek). So hopefully my skin is just purging or something. I don't know.

I'm also hoping that my lowered stress levels will do some good for my skin. I definitely used to lay awake in bed at night just worrying about my skin and dealing with it the next day. Now that I'm finally being proactive about it again I'm feeling a bit better. (Before I started the regime I had taken a break from every product pretty much. I had just been washing my face and using Cetaphil moisturizer so I was constantly feeling lazy and guilty for not dealing with it or going to see my dermatologist. I had just given up I suppose).

I'll post pictures in a few days, thanks for the couple comments I've gotten! I had looked at this site quite a bit before I got an account and it really helped me out to read about other's experiences. Pretty cool.


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