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Accutane Day 5



Hi everyone,

So I've just started taking accutane 5 days ago, low dose at 20mg a day and I weigh just under 200lbs. My acne was never really that bad but I have been having persistent spots and red marks on my face for about 10 years now! I have 'sandpaper' acne as the derm says.

Anyway 5 days ago my skin was bearable but now after just 5 days I'm getting a new spot or 3 every day and there quite sore! I thought with a low dose and mild acne I wouldn't really suffer with this initial breakout and especially not so soon. Has anybody else just started taking a low dose of accutane and seeing the same results?

Anybody have an idea how long these initial breakouts last?

I'm washing my face twice a day with clean and clear soap free face wash and then applying isotrex gel onto the face, I'm hoping I will see results fast as the derm said I would so il keep everyone posted!


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Hi, I'm on day 5 too!

I've also been experiencing initial breakouts, a lot worse that what i ever had.

But its efficient, most people will experience initial breakouts in the first month or two. However, some people wont. (majority will).

Everyone is different, but you'll probably see differences within a month or two or three?

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Yeh I'm hoping sooner rather than later, what dose are you on? I'm hoping this initial breakout will be over an done with and then it won't occur later on?

It's abit disappointing when your waking up every morning with a few new nice bright red spots when your really hoping you will wake up with a few less red spots!

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