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Week 4, Day 1



I've been sticking to The Regime as close as I can, I think I am not as gentle as I'm supposed to be when applying the products, so that's probably why it's taking me a little longer than usual to see results. I have the bad habit of touching my face, which doubtlessly contributed to worsen my acne over the years. I have tried, and somewhat succeeded, to touch my face less, but I still have a ways to go. Today I'm starting Week 4, so I increased the amount of 2.5% BP.

My skin continues to be very dry and peels a lot. I think I should be applying more moisturizer, but I always forget to bring a bottle with me to work. Oh well. Regarding the face-touching, seeing loose, dry skin flakes on my face is too tempting and sometimes I spend time trying to peel them. Bad me! When in the shower, I try so slough off the dead skin with my fingertips, something I assume is frowned upon in these place, ha. Today I tried to be stronger and minimized this.

Now, on to the good stuff: Although my skin is dry and umcomfortable, my zits seem to be finally under control, I've had a couple show up here and there but they do not swell or become painful; they tend to dry and remain mostlu flat. My forehead breakouts are finally starting to heal; to be honest I did pop a couple of the biggest/most painful ones, but left the rest alone. What I have left is mostly red marks, acne tends to do this on me: popped or not, zits always seem to leave some mark.

I had been so preoccupied with my forehead, that I had failed to notice a bit of good news: the blackheads on my nose are much less visible nowadays. I used to clean my nose pores with Biore strips once a week, but I haven't done that in a good 10 days but they do not look dark at all. My pores also seem smaller, and, since my nose is always so over-greasy, it's the only part of my face that isn't peeling. So, yay for pore tightening!

This regimen seems to be working out but it will take me longer than the 4 weeks to see completely clear skin, however, the results so far have been encouraging so I will keep going on. Hopefully I can start using the AHA next week, and that will for sure help reduce the flakiness.


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