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Day 1 On Accutane/claravis



Hey guys, I figured since there are not to many men(24, almost 25) keeping an accutane log I'd start one. Here is a little background about me and what led me to this day.

My history with acne: I had acne in high school but it wasnt to bad, at age 19 I began getting cystic acne and its never let up. Some seasons its mild when I'm lucky, usually its moderate which means about 4-8 active, and occasionally it would get severe but it would never leave. I've tried every single antibiotic and topical that has been created basically, and I gave them all a real shot by sticking to it for 6 months. I've also tried about a dozen diets, and I also stuck to each diet for 3-6 months to be sure of its effects. Ive tried eliminating dairy, sugar, meat, preservatives, gluten, bread ect... I noticed some were slightly working but I could never tell if it was in my head or if it was actually working because I would stlll get break outs. I could go on for pages and pages about the struggle I've been through and how much I hate acne, I can say its made me a better person to an extent, from the cockier kid I use to be, but I miss my confidence so much and it feels like its been forever. I now care about people that have to go through any type of struggle now, more than ever. I've matured rapidly but wish I could be happier. I never wanted to do accutane but now honestly I wish I had done it years ago.

My current state: I have 8 active cycts. Normally they last for 10-14 days and the mark will last 2-5 months. I have about 10-15 pigmentation marks right now not including the actives, some newer than others. I'm a pretty good looking guy, so I've heard, so usually I can get away with having acne if its a mild season. When I say "get away with" I mean they didnt look twice at my face for the wrong reasons, I hate that but I'm use to it. Best thing to do is act confident and smile even though thats not how I feel usually. I'm not depressed, I just despise this mentally and physically damaging disease. While Im typing this I'm about to pop my first 40mg pill of Clavaris. I'll upload before/after pictures down the road as I gain confidence. I am expecting an Initial breakout, dry skin, dry lips, dry scalp, blurry vision, joint pains. Feel free to post anytime guys, I'll be updating every few days!


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I just had my last accutane appointment this past friday. I currently have about 3 to 4 pills left and I will be completely done. As long as you stick with it, you will definitely start seeing a difference in month 3. Make sure you get a good lip balm b/c day 10 you will be ready to rip your lips off (at least I was). Anyway GOOD LUCK!!!!

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Thanks for sharing your story! Please let me know how it goes. I am really considering it but my mom thinks it's too dangerous. Keep me updated please :)

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@C Holmes - Thank you for the comment, I'm all stocked up on lip balms and lotions! Im glad to hear accutane worked for you, congrats!

@ncar13 I will be updating every few days! I kept pushing accutane away because the oddball terrifying stories on the internet but the % of people that have really bad side effects are low, there are so many successful stories out there and my derm said she has had 1000's of successful and 9 patients that had to be taken off it. I'm aware of the risks but to me this is worth this risk, you can only try so many times to get clear before you realize it's not going to work. My acne is so stubborn this is like my last shot so I have my fingers crossed! I'll update later today.

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I'm on day 6 of accutane so I'm just infront of you. On day 3 I started getting breakouts around 3/4 new (yellow) spots a day, and day 6 I've got a mega dry throat and my hands and arms are aching. I hope you keep up the blog, it will be interesting to know how it affects other people in the early stages.

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